Air Handlers & Coolers

Transporting large cooling towers frequently requires over-dimension permits. Trip planning is critical as the cooling towers are often delivered to construction sites on a just-in-time basis to meet crane appointments as part of a carefully crafted project plan. You can count on LTG Transportation to smoothly navigate the permit process and develop a trip plan that ensures we deliver your cooling towers on-time and undamaged. Our drivers carry the PPE gear needed to comply with safety requirements in construction environments.

Transporting large commercial air handlers requires special care since they are fragile and typically require over-dimension permits. Whether we deliver to a construction site or to a crane yard for storage, LTG Transportation has years of experience safely delivering commercial air handlers. Our fleet of mini deck and mini deck stretch trailers can get your air handlers lower than almost anybody else and our drivers have deep experience avoiding overhead obstacles like bridges, wires, trees, traffic signals, etc. This combination of equipment and driver skills uniquely positions LTG to deliver over-height air handlers of virtually any length or width to congested metropolitan areas filled with low bridges and infrastructure like New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Boston, Newark, Chicago, etc.


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